Just Some Other Pics By Jeff Wall

While Jacob Westley’s Just Some Other Pics By Jeff Wall begins with a rather strained one-page essay attempt to compare the legendary rock act Pink Floyd’s ability to be both experimental and popular with Jeff’s cinemagraphic staged photographs (one suspects he did it solely for the ability to use the title pun) it’s hard to deny the overarching theme in the essays.  Each placed beside an extra large print of one of Jeff’s amazing transperency photos, the short essays emphasis the rock star status of Jeff Wall, if that can ever be a fair comparison for a Canadian artist.  With his works used by the band Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop for album covers, there’s a bit of musical play in his career, though his photographic style is more akin to movies than music.

The words are there, occasionally interesting, some times flat, but the music of Jeff Wall’s art takes center stage.  So perhaps Jacob’s right; Jeff Wall is a rock star.

Rating: ****. 4/5

Westley, Jacob. (2008).  Just Some Other Pics By Jeff Wall.  Vancouver, B.C.: Arsenal Pulp Press.